The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge. How Many Calories In Humus.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge

the ultimate weight loss challenge

    weight loss
  • Weight Loss is a 2006 novel by Upamanyu Chatterjee.

  • "Weight Loss" is the fifth season premiere of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's seventy-third (and seventy-fourth) episode overall.

  • Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue.

  • Enter into competition with or opposition against

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the ultimate weight loss challenge - The Ultimate

The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Phil McGraw opened doors for everyone who has struggled with losing weight and keeping it off with his roundbreaking plan, The Ultimate Weight Solution. Now, here is the invaluable companion volume that delivers more tested weight loss strategies, more specific food lists, and more essential information: The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide.
In his straight-talking, no-nonsense style, Dr. Phil helps you end excuse-making and start creating a no-fail environment for taking charge of your weight and your relationship with food -- beginning with Dr. Phil's new rapid start plan that will gear your body physically for accelerated weight loss. This quick and easy reference guide also includes information on:
• Calorie counts for all of your high- and low-response cost foods
• Portion control
• High-response cost, high-yield foods
• Low-response cost, low-yield foods
• Specific menu planning for meals and snacks
• Hunger-suppressing/high-response cost foods
• Recognizing weight-gaining behaviors
• A personal food diary
• And more!
You can't afford to ignore the down-to-earth success strategies of Dr. Phil McGraw and The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide -- your health and happiness depend on it!

88% (5)

Robert Cremean: STUDIO SECTION 2002-2005, Marsyas/Myself

Robert Cremean: STUDIO SECTION 2002-2005, Marsyas/Myself

MYSELF Diptych detail

Below is a transcription of the handwritten text on the detail pictured above:


"And if I am forgotten? To be forgotten as my parents and their parents and their parents’ parents are forgotten—to be released—is this not freedom? The slow exhalation of definition—is this not charity? The blurring of possibility into the final erasure of regret—is this not tranquility? Though I cling still to stifled hope, the pain of the ultimate demise is anesthetized. I shall die as they have died but unlike those who preceded me, I confer no linearity. I am a segment...nothing more...a messy smear of obtuse angles and contradictions, recognized always for what I am not rather than for what I am. What others see is not what I seek. I seek the weakness of my enemy. Only that. To define that which seeks my erasure. I am not a victim. Having lived too long outside the safety of other artists’ possibilities, it is I who am the predator. I feed on the blood of ignorance. It is I who scoff at the rules and rituals of continuance...the dogma of immortality. I am a segment. I have accepted this and its freedom, self-imposed. I blame no one and nothing for this disconnection. My acceptance is freely given and from this detachment I have framed my life. I am suspect, bipolar and homosexual. I roam the periphery, prodding and probing all aspects of myself that affect the core. Hypocrisy is my prey. I can smell it like dead meat. The world reeks of it. I have sought to eliminate its stench from my life and to search out the rot of deceit. To this I have dedicated my life. Am I an artist? Is this the significance of Art? Is this the significance of Art now? speak from the core? Recently, I was asked if I thought I would, as an artist, leave a legacy. My answer was and is: “What do you think?” Legacies are not my concern. If I am to enjoy the freedom of segmentation, then I must accept the melancholy of endings...and the responsibility of beginnings. As I stumble toward the end of my life leaving bits and pieces of self-evidence, I sense no desperation. Whether I should or should not, did or did not have lost their intensity. They exist still, horizontal in fragmentation, but their edges are dulled. There is diminished regret. Still, to not have entered into collective memory stretches back into personal memory and touches a tear in the fabric of self that has never mended. That rent which became the festering wound of ambition has fed and bled the who and the what of me throughout all of remembered life. As a child, as an adult, the ugly stigmata has tormented and goaded. Without it, I could not have become—or at least not have become as I am—or produced so much or driven myself so far. Because of it, satisfaction and peace have eluded me. When madness arrives, I am recognized by others as its host. My guest is reflected in their eyes. I have no evidence of his presence. We are tenants of the same house and live as strangers in a shared space. There are only periods of exaggeration during which I am absent. As I review my life, I know it has always been so...unexplained moments which I view in retrospect with puzzled objectivity...he wears my face and commands my body. From here, too, have been produced great surges of energy and epiphany. How can I resent his tenancy? To have pursued this amalgam as the subject matter for the majority of my studio life has produced a multi-faceted documentation of selfness. I have used that which I know best and each new involvement has been a test of courage to delve further and objectify subjectivity. I require no audience for this process other than myself. Only I know if the truth is being told. This is my journey and I expect no other to accompany me or criticize my direction. I feel no conscious responsibility to history or to my time. I am a part of both whether I choose to be or not. I do not believe that this focus on myself is obsessive or narcissistic. Neither do I feel that it is a neurotic self-absorption or psychological confession in search of an audience. Rather, what I know it to be is a total commitment to transparency. To rid myself of obscurities, obfuscations and self-deception has been a brutalizing and invigorating process. It has also been isolating. I seem to exist in a vacuum, my work, blank pages in a book of cultural artifacts. In search of transparency, I have achieved transparency. I do not exist. Is this freedom? Am I rationalizing a position in which no artist would or should find himself? Limbo. Has been. Oblivion. What then should an artist want? Fame? Fortune? Visibility? Acknowledgement?...Respect?...Immortality? I think at this point I can, without reservation, say: I want not to want. To release myself from all of the fetters of audience... I remain needful of its ear and its eye. The most difficult opacity for me to overcome in terms of the audience (otherness) has been my sexu



The British Railways BR Standard Class 9F 2-10-0 is a class of steam locomotive designed for British Railways by Robert Riddles. The Class 9F was the last in a series of standardised locomotive classes designed for British Railways during the 1950s, and was intended for use on fast, heavy freight trains over long distances. It was one of the most powerful steam locomotive types ever constructed in Britain, and successfully performed its intended duties. The class earned a nickname of 'Spaceships', due to its size and shape.

At various times during the 1950s, the 9Fs worked passenger trains with great success, indicating the versatility of the design, sometimes considered to represent the ultimate in British steam development. Several variants were constructed for experimentation purpose in an effort to reduce costs and maintenance, although these met with varying degrees of success.

The total number built was 251, production being shared between Swindon (53) and Crewe Works (198). The last of the class, 92220 Evening Star, was the final steam locomotive to be built by British Railways, in 1960. Withdrawals began in 1964, with the final locomotives removed from service in 1968. Several examples have survived into the preservation era in varying states of repair, including Evening Star.

The British Transport Commission had proposed that the existing steam locomotive fleet be replaced by both diesel and electric traction. However the board of British Railways, which wanted the railways to be completely electrified, ignored the BTC and ordered a new fleet of 'standard' steam locomotive designs as an interim motive power solution ahead of electrification.
Freight was well catered for in terms of locomotive availability after nationalisation in 1948, with a number of heavy freight locomotives built to aid the war effort forming part of British Railways' inheritance. This consisted of 666 LMS 8F class 2-8-0 and numerous Robert Riddles designed WD Austerity 2-8-0s and WD Austerity 2-10-0s.

It was the Eastern Region's Motive Power officer, L. P. Parker, who made the case for a new design of powerful freight locomotive, able to shift heavy loads at fast speeds in round trips between distant destinations within the eight-hour shift of the footplate crew. Riddles took up the challenge, initially designing a 2-8-2 locomotive, but settled upon the 2-10-0 wheel arrangement for the increased traction and lower axle load that five coupled axles can provide. The resultant design became one of the most successful locomotive classes ever constructed in Britain.

The 9F was designed at both Derby and Brighton Works in 1951 to operate freight trains of up to 900 tons (914 tonnes) at 35 mph (56 km/h) with maximum fuel efficiency. The original proposal was for a boiler from the BR Standard Class 7 Britannia 4-6-2, adapting it to a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement, but Riddles eventually settled upon a 2-10-0 type because it had been successfully utilised on some of his previous Austerity locomotives; distributing the adhesive weight over five axles gave a maximum axle load of only 15 tons, 10 cwt. However, in order to clear the rear coupled wheels the grate had to be set higher, thus reducing firebox volume. There were many problems associated with locomotives of such a long wheelbase, but these were solved by the design team through a series of compromises. The driving wheels were 5 feet 0 inches (1.52 m) in diameter, and the centre driving wheels were without flanges, whilst those on the second and fourth coupled wheels were reduced in depth. This enabled the locomotive to round curves of a radius as small as 400 feet (120 m).
As on all other BR standard steam locomotives the leading wheels were 3 feet 0 inches (0.91 m) in diameter.

Introduced in January 1954, the class comprised 251 locomotives, of which 53 were constructed at Swindon Works, and 198 at Crewe Works. The locomotives were numbered 92000-92250.
The last member of the class was constructed at Swindon in 1960, the 999th "BR Standard" to be constructed, and the last steam locomotive to be built by British Railways. To mark the occasion, a competition was run within the Western Region of British Railways to choose an apt name, and the locomotive was given the name and number of 92220 Evening Star.
Many of the class lasted only a few years in service before withdrawal when steam traction ended on the mainline in Britain. Withdrawals of the class from everyday service began in May 1964, and had been completed by June 1968.
Ten locomotives (numbers 92020-92029) were built in 1955 with the Franco-Crosti boiler, which incorporated a combustion gas feed water preheater that recuperated low-grade residual heat In the 9F version, this took the form of a single cylindrical water drum running along the underside of the main boiler barrel. The standard chimney on top of the smokebox was only used during lighting up. In normal working the gases went through firetubes insi

the ultimate weight loss challenge

the ultimate weight loss challenge

Ultimate Body - Challenging Workouts for Weight Loss

Ultimate Body Challenging Workouts for Weight Loss™ is the 2nd in Meghan's Ultimate Body Series and a great way to lose weight, build muscle, tone your body and increase stamina. This revolutionary, interactive DVD allows you to take control of your workout like no other video and pick the routine that is right for you. First, choose the type of workout you want and then decide the workout time. Transform how your body looks, feels and performs. With over 12 customized workouts to suit your physical and scheduling needs, there is no better way to exercise in your home.
The Interactive Personal Trainer™ revolutionizes the practice of yoga in the home. Unlike other videos that may contain one or two workouts, this DVD contains over a dozen workouts of varied lengths and purposes. Get into shape, relieve stress, increase energy, become stronger and more flexible with your own Interactive Personal Trainer™.
Meghan White is a nationally known fitness instructor and has been featured in many of the foremost fitness, exercise and style magazines in America. As a certified aerobics instructor and Personal Trainer, Meghan has trained thousands of people, either one-on-one or in her highly acclaimed classes, which are captured for the first time on this DVD. Meghan is especially well known for her energetic style of teaching and fun personality.

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